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What is it? Learn all you need to know about Avalanche's Highwind software and what it can do.

This is HIGHWIND, ground-breaking social media software which is going to revolutionise digital business for SME's in Ireland and across the world by allowing them to expand their social media presence at a minimal cost compared to traditional marketing methods.

We Build Brands.

By allowing businesses to expand through social media encouraging growth at an early stage.

Design. Build. Amaze.

Highwind is a creation by Avalanche, known already for some cool things we can build...

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We want to change the world and Highwind might just be the ship that helps us do it...

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Walk-through's and tips on how to make HIGHWIND perform for your business.


Avalanche was founded in 2012 by Aidan O' Carroll, we began as a one man operation and have since grown to a team of five. We are a team of experts in digital solutions, at least that's what we like to tell people!

Aidan O' Carroll

CEO/Founder, HIGHWIND Creator, Protein Junkie, Astroturf Hero.

The face of #teamavalanche and the guy who created HIGHWIND. Aidan begun coding from a young age and is responsible for the design of the majority of Avalanche's work. Aidan founded Avalanche in his bedroom at his parent's house with one simple goal: Change the World.

When not spending every waking hour in front of a screen of some sort, he can be found in the gym, kicking a ball, watching people kick a ball, online shopping or telling people that he thinks Djemba-Djemba was under-rated. Yeah, he is that cool..

Jessie Minulo

Developer, Creative Director, Chocolate Connoisseur, Xbox Addict.

The number two at #teamavalanche and the one who takes everything too seriously. Based in Canada, Jessie is skilled in many different programming languages and provides the back-end of all Avalanche creations. A key cog for keeping Aidan in line and actually working.

Jessie is an avid gamer who takes his frustrations of computer development out on the poor online world of Call of Duty and advocating the use of chocolate in as many of his meals as possible.

Dive into the heart of HIGHWIND.

What it's about..

Highwind is software which is going to revolutionise digital business for SME's in Ireland, Highwind was developed late one night in the Avalanche lab and we are pretty excited about it!

Highwind focuses on social media (particularly Facebook) and targets people who will be interested in your page based on their history/activity in the past and directs them straight to you.

We have been conducting several beta tests in the last year. We are now ready to start rolling it out and offering it to our clients and are we pretty excited about it!

We are currently offering it as part of a complete package with our website design but can also implement it seperately if you wish to utilise Highwind as a stand alone application.

We are currently the only digital solutions firm in the world using this type of software, it is ground-breaking and we believe it is the future of digital marketing for SME's.

Highwind is very competitively priced and we can guarantee it will lead to a dramatic increase in your online profile which will in turn help you convert potential leads into customers for your business.

Highwind social media software
5739 Tweets Sent!
189 Happy Customers!
4514 Facebook Fans (Highwind)
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HIGHWIND Services From startup to the 1000th sale, Highwind can help you expand no matter your level!

Facebook Exposure.

HIGHWIND can help get your business started on Facebook and create some traffic and activity on a redundant page at a low cost.


HIGHWIND's ability to get your brand to a wide audience will make your business instantly recognisable to your target markets.

New Leads.

New leads are the hardest thing for new businesses to create so HIGHWIND can do this by pushing your brand across social media.

Real Time.

Social media gets you closer then ever to customers, HIGHWIND can help you process these customers easily & quickly.

Awesome Support.

At Avalanche we will provide you with remote support to help you maximise your overall HIGHWIND experience.

Pretty Damn Cool.

Do you really want to say you had the chance to use some innovative software and passed? Didn't think so!

HIGHWIND WAS USED HERE. Check out these Facebook pages which HIGHWIND helped develop.

Our Other Stuff! Check out our design projects and we’re pretty sure you’ll want to get us to build something awesome for you.

The Girl Against Fluoride.

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